Is Australia Ready For Mister Wong?

How will we ever know if it’s never put to the test?
The question itself is suggesting Australians are racist rubes that would not elect a person to high office because he or she is Asian. This is insulting and annoying.
But it goes further than that. It suggests that parliamentary dyke & rabid watermelon Penny Wong is PM material. Therefore, the only way to redeem ourselves is to make Penny PM, or better Queen of Australia.
Or else….

4 thoughts on “Is Australia Ready For Mister Wong?”

    1. Mr Wong is as red as can be & sails under the green flag of environmentalism.

      It’s not meant to be an insult. ‘Watermelon’ is an apt term for these creatures.

      1. Oh, OK – Got it now, thanks!
        cf: “Watermelon:”
        “Enviro-Green on the outside; Commie-Red on the inside!”

        [Go-ogle only told me of how blacks were “disparagingly” called watermelons in the USA (for obvious reasons).]


        1. ‘Watermelon’ is probably the oldest term for the green communists, who have hijacked that movement from the get-go.

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