We were never asked

If you were to believe the media you would think that caring for your grandchildren’s future was an unpopular view.

Australians should not be replaced by the 3rd world.

No people on Earth want their government to replace them with other groups. The Dalai Lama does not want Tibet flooded by other groups and West Papuans don’t want West Papua to be flooded by Indonesian Moslems.

The ABC and SBS do not employ people who share the majority views of Australians and will rout out anyone in their networks who do. They must always promote the Globalist agenda for Australia that is also promoted by most commercial stations, print media, entertainment media and the universities. The same is true in most Western countries. The utter contempt these Globalists have for the majority is sickening.

Lets go be oppressed!


One thought on “We were never asked”

  1. I said it before and I’ll say it again:

    White people invented stuff and built up infrastructures so they expect commensurate wages and even worse, pensions; while the corporations’ bottom lines say no, we will replace you by importing hordes of mindless savages who are willing to work for food and never heard of pensions.” BUT pensions are pyramid ponzi schemes, because they always take out more than they put in. Government is an insurance company, which is supposed to work from actuarial metrics to hand out exactly what it takes in. BUT then, governments are owned by corporation-owning banks.

    And our economy supposedly can’t grow enough for pension investments to grow enough to keep up with retirees without increasing our people in that more-than-replacement level needed. Therefore they pretend they can import savage low-wage retards to replace us to float the pensions? BULLSHIT! The imported savages will be a drain on the tax base (which neither they nor the ancestors and descendants they will import, too ever paid into in the first place)! So, obviously, all this virtue-signaling immigration nonsense is only for short-term corporate and liberal party gains, and is definitely not for the good of the Canada we built and they cynically intend to destroy for only their own profits!

    EVERY story in the media these days is corporate propaganda: hypocritical slander deliberately designed to destroy social cohesion and get the expensive white Western workers to voluntarily commit suicide.

    EACH “report” – whether it concerns local or global issues – contains an underlying “opinion” narrative that everything in the world that ever was, still is, and always will go wrong, is the fault of (non-Jewish) whites, especially white males; “so” (it continues) the only “fair’ (albeit also “final”) solution, is to let their purported victim races replace them in control of their natural resources, as “equitable reparations.”

    Even “our” christian religion implicitly commands the same: “Take up your cross and follow the Example of Jewsus; kill your self for the good of the world, too!”

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