India: illegal Mohammedans revolt against Eviction

Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” violently riot to pressure the country into admitting more Muslims.

The violence of the Mohammedans makes it obvious how right the Indians are. The soldiers of allah are always rioting and throwing tantrums.

Koranimals torch buses and clash with police in Delhi as Indian citizenship bill sparks street violence

India: Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” violently riot to pressure the country into admitting more Muslims

“The Citizenship Amendment Act allows for the fast-tracking of applications from religious minorities including Hindus and Sikhs from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, but not Muslims,” says Gulf News.

“Racism”? “Islamophobia”? No. Religious minorities are persecuted in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Muslims aren’t. Why can’t India offer save haven to the persecuted? These bloody riots also illustrate why the Citizenship Amendment Act is reasonable.

As thousands protested against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill across Assam on Thursday, the Army said it rescued passengers of an express train from a mob trying to set the carriages on fire at Naharkatia railway station. An Army spokesperson said the mob had surrounded the Silchar-Dibrugarh Brahmaputra Express at Naharkatia and were in the process of setting it on fire, when security forces intervened.

Tear gas, explosions, baton charges – at least 6 have been killed in India as protests against ‘anti-Muslim’ citizenship law continue.

Four buses were set ablaze by a mob and two fire officials were injured in stone-pelting as the protests against the newly enacted #CitizenshipAct entered the third day in the #nationalcapital on Sunday. #Jamia student were not involved in the brawl, the varsity union said.

Protests against CAB in Jamia Millia Islamia turn violent amidst chants of Allaho Akbar, Nara-e-Taqbeer and La ilahi illilah,” OpIndia, December 14, 2019 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Following the historic passing of the Citizenship Amendment Act, there have been protests in some parts of the country, which are being now hijacked by the Muslim groups and are unleashing extreme violence across the country. On Friday, the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAB) took a communal turn in Delhi after ‘students’ of the controversial Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) University resorted to mob violence against the police officials and shouted Islamic slogans “Allah-o-Akbar” during their protests.

Reportedly, as the protests turned violent, 50 students were also detained after the stone-pelting.

Here, an informed commenter explains:

‘India’s mistake’ was actually a sadomasochist decision by Gandhi and the Nehrus, who determined that they would demonstrate to the world that India is a better place for Muslims than Pakistan. Never mind that history had more emphatically demonstrated that Muslims were incapable of co-existing w/ anyone else – be it Hindus, Parsis, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Christians, Jews, you name it! Nonetheless, they were determined to go w/ that argument, and unfortunately, the Hindu Mahasabha was nowhere near the Congress in terms of support, since the Brits were seen as the main enemy.

Also, going by Congress’s own propaganda, it would be stupid for India to follow their demands. Congress generally argued that Indian Muslims are more tolerant than Pakistanis and that’s why it makes sense to keep them in India, as opposed to drive them out to Pakistan. But in what’s being argued here, ?????? Muslims would be the ones coming to India. In other words, it would be fine for Muslims who’re demonstrably supportive of ISIS, al Qaeda, Taliban, et al to enter India on the same grounds as Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Hindus from all those countries. Nothing could be more insane.

Amit Shah should treat this as an emergency situation and crack down. Amongst other things, shut down Jamia Millia – why does Delhi need such a major madrassah in its midst? Shut it down and arrest the students for terrorism and anti-natonal activities – something that India does well. Also dismiss the government in Calcutta and start implementing the CAA and NRC in combination. As President Obama once said, elections have consequences: the BJP has an 80% domination of parliament, and they should act like it!

One thought on “India: illegal Mohammedans revolt against Eviction”

  1. CAB and NRC for the Indian Muslims

    The plan of the Chaiwala for the Indian Muslims.dindooohindoo


    Assuming that the votes cast in the last polls in Hindoosthan,were at 40% of the aggregate Indian Population – it would be safe to assume that 50% of the residual non voters,would have no ID proof or records to prove ID, and there will be alternative claimants to their ID and properties and assets.

    Of them 90% will be Muslims,Dalits,SC/ST and just poor and marginal farmers and workers.What are these People expected to do ? There is no way that they will get any ID or prove the forensic trail of their possessions and properties,even within the current generation.It will be impossible to prove that they are Bangladeshis or from Timbuktu.

    Step 1

    As soon as these people are identified,their assets will be frozen and there will be multiple claimants for their assets and possessions – which will lead to distress sales and 3 rd party warehousing of their properties and assets as well as hawala operations within and outside Hinooosthan (at a huge loss to the owners,just like in the Demo)

    Step 2

    In addition,touts fronting for the BJP/RSS will offer alt-IDs,safe passage etc. (just like in the Demo drive) and the baboos,patwaris,village polity and pandoos (khaki ke kutte) will have a field day

    Step 3

    The next step of the Chaiwala,will be to target the Muslims etc.,with voter ids and voting rights and to use the NRC,to disenfranchise them – as a non-citizen cannot have a voting right.


    The purpose of the Chaiwala is to disenfranchise Muslims and Dalits and Tribes in several North Eastern states,and other states,where the margin of vote winnings,is in a few 100s or 1000s,and there is a large hostile population which is anti-Muslim or Anti-Tribal,in sentiment.Then the Chaiwala can import the Hindoos from SAARC and settle them in those wafer thin constituencies (as swing voters),and especially near the IB (as spies).


    The disenfranchised Muslims and Muslims with No ID,will then be exported to UP/Bihar/Telangana etc.,to Muslim dominated areas (on the pretext that their own,will protect them),where the BJP already has an electoral disadvantage – to further polarise the Hindoos,in those states and provoke Anti-Muslim sentiments,to secure/grow and consolidate their vote bank

    Electoral Aggregation

    In the interim,the other political parties will punt on the Muslims etc.,and thus,will form a coalition against the Chaiwala (to ensure that there is no vote split and the votes are transferred to the coalition).This is what the Chaiwala wants,as that will further polarise the Hindoos and possibly bring to the fore their bestial instincts – which will be,to support the Chaiwala

    If there is no Anti-Chaiwala coalition,then the Muslim vote will splinter,as Chaiwala,earnestly desires

    The Hindoo Bindoo who believed that they would get 25000 USD per capita,will be easily conned to believe that the Anti-Chaiwala
    coalition,created riots over CAB and thus,the Muslim reaction on the streets – is precisely why NRC is required,and that the Anti-Chaiwala coalition is anti-hindu and anti-national

    False Flag operations

    If the instincts do not show the surge,then the Chaiwala will use the NIA/IB and Military Intel to bomb some Hindoo refugee camps and some Muslim clusters – like in Pulwama (which was a difficult forced flag operation).That will be cake walk for the NIA/IB – the khaki ke kutte.

    It is certain that there will be spate of bombings in North East and Central and South India to build the euphoria against the “imagined other” and build the case for the NRC

    The Pathetos

    A majority of Indian Muslims are Dalit converts.It is easy to conceive a situation wherein some Muslims with no ID Proof will gladly add “Rama” to their names,and accept ID cards with a Lotus synbol,or verses of the Ramayana – to live in India.

    The Kiss of death of the Israelis

    History records that whoever is used by the Israelis or is conned by the Israelis to kill the enemies of the Israelis – is destroyed forever.

    It is the curse on Solomon’s lineage and those which support the lineage

    Chaiwala was born to destroy Hindoosthan and has now adopted the Israeli Model.The Jews convinced Cyrus that a verse in the
    Torah named him as the Messiah.He rebuilt the Temple of Solomon, and his clan,empire and nation were destroyed forever.

    The Jews conned Cyrus.Chaiwala is the son of a Ayah Whore.It is the destiny of the chaiwala to doom Hindoosthan

    Moral of the Story

    The dumb Muslims and Dalits of Hindoosthan have to understand that they need a separate nation.They will get nothing from Hindoosthan.

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