Mahathir: “jihad causes oppression of of Muslims”

‘Muslims caused fear of Islam’

Mahathir Mohamad opens Kuala Lumpur Summit, amid Saudi disgruntlement

Among attendees are well known Islamic supremacists and despots, including Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, and Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani.

‘Muslims caused fear of Islam’, but “Islamophobia” is worse…

Anyway, the kuffars have to submit, or else….

  • ‘We may claim to be performing jihad but the result is more oppression of Muslims everywhere,’ Malaysian leader tells meeting of Islamic countries

‘Convert To Islam Or Face Slaughter’

The letter clearly stated that the stated goal of the terror attacks carried out by Indian Mujahideen is—making Islam superior over all religions.

The letter asked the people of India to “accept Islam and save yourselves” or else get ready to be “slaughtered by our hands”. The group added that it is capable of ensuring that “your blood” is “spilled on your own cities”. …

Remember that next time your Moslem friends tell you there’s ‘no compulsion in religion’ – at #Swarajya

India Offers Refuge to Real Refugees, and is Savaged for It

India: Muslims vandalize police vehicle, thrash cops in riots over law letting in non-Muslims from Muslim lands

Gambia: Christians demand that the declaration of the country as an Islamic Republic be reversed

That will cause jihad.

Because infidels have no rights to make demands in an islamic state.


Professor claims ‘Jingle Bells’ is rooted in racism

Wakademics & the journaille, the dumbest swine on the face of the earth.

Trump impeachment: “Only the damage to America is real.”

Nancy Pelosi dubbed ‘swamp mistress’ on New York Post impeachment front page: ‘It’s your funeral’

The “swamp mistress” moniker accompanies an opinion piece by Michael Goodwin that labels Trump’s impeachment a “stomach-turning charade” that “damages America.”

Goodwin said impeachment coverage “resembled Grade B actors performing for the cameras, their rehearsed references to oaths, prayers, the Founding Fathers, the rule of law, checks and balances and the Constitution itself all sounding contrived,” which he feels were disingenuous.

“That was consistent with Pelosi’s latest demand that her members stay ‘solemn’ in public, so as not to give the impression that they were gloating and joyful. In other words, hide how you really feel so we can fool more people into joining us,” he wrote. “Only the damage to America is real.”

One thought on “Mahathir: “jihad causes oppression of of Muslims””

  1. Fix The Cause of islam being in the West !
    (The Cause is the Liberal/Left/Marxist and also Right … Traitors Subversives Seditioners) !!
    Then the Symptoms can be removed … islam in the West !
    (Remove the imported invader islams and murdering diversifier Africans) !!

    A link in the above article Titled …
    Professor claims ‘Jingle Bells’ is rooted in racism
    Where Dr Carol Swain promotes her book …
    How Liberalism Steals Our
    Children’s Hearts and Minds

    Illustrates how Liberals’ Criminal Activity Fits perfectly with the Absolutely Wise Logically Correct and True Comment I found Here …

    Imran Firasat
    June 30, 2012 at 11:09 pm

    Who is the real enemy of the western world?

    Dear editor,

    It´s been 7 years that I try to help the Muslims by making them realize the fact of false prophecy claims of Muhammad and violent ideology of a religion which was never truly existed. But the journey of those 7 years was full of obstacles and fire surrounding me. Let me have the opportunity to share my views with you on my long war against Islam.

    Before I used to think that the enemy of the western world are those who follow the violent scripture (Quran) falsely created by Muhammad, but by the time I came to knew that the real enemy of the western and peaceful world are not those blind faith Muslims but indeed are those people who proudly call themselves westerners, but behind the scene help and favour to the Muslims by ignoring the truth.

    The enemies of our civilest society are not the Muslims. The enemies are the Non-Muslims who tolerate and even support the Islam instead of fighting it, who prevent to the people like us from fighting against the lie of Islam. These enemies are everywhere in the Western world, in the governments, in the jurisdiction, in the police organization and especially in the mass media. These enemies care for their diplomatic and economic relations with the Muslims states more than the future and safety of our future generations.

    We Non-Muslims who have understood the truth and try to fight the evil ideology of Islam are often beaten by political correctness, called Nazis racists and Anti Islamists, encounter repressions at the work place and social life, ostracized by families and friends, being watched regularly by national secret services and treated like criminals.

    Why? Just because we fight against something which is not true and dangerous for the future of our modern society? Is it so serious offence to help the billion of people to come out of a fake and extremely nonsense faith? Is it a crime to stop a religion which orders to kill, hate and discriminate in the name of god? Is it a crime against humanity if we fight for our rights of liberty of expression and saving our western values?

    No, these all facts are not crime, but still we are being treated worst than the Islamic jihadists are being treated. Instead of getting praised for our fight against injustice, we face a daily depression. Instead of putting our lives on the risk by opposing the Islam, we never get respected as we deserve. Instead of the fact that we are trying to change the world towards a better direction, we always get created the obstacles by our own non Muslim people who call themselves western and modern but under the table shake their hands with those Muslims leaders who follow Muhammad and work for fulfilling his cunning desires.

    At last as the conclusion I would like to say that all my fellow bloggers and activists who do a great job of exposing a false prophet and helping the world to understand the truth, are extra ordinary brave people who would be remembered in the future as historical heroes. I give my full support to them and give them my word that no matter what happens I will never give up until this world becomes free of Islam (Hopefully in my life). And I want all of you to take the same oath and promise me to create an unbreakable unity between us which can never be broken by the diplomatic or political oppression. We are a family which will fight together against the devil of Islam. Thank you very much.

    Your sincerely
    A proud Anti Islam Activist
    Imran Firasat (Spain)

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