Warsi: ‘Oven Ready’ Islamophobia Needs Healing

After Boris Johnson’s election win,  the “Islamophobia” machine is spinning like Iranian centrifuges. A collection of articles thanks to Mullah Lodabullah, pbuh)

UK:Muslims “fearful” of Boris Johnson’s Government

“My party must start healing its relationship with British Muslims,” she said in a Twitter statement.

Funny when Paki cultural enrichers proclaim to be “British Muslims”. Just as annoying as when Warsi babbles about “her party”. 

Mohammedans keep bombing & stabbing, raping & murdering their infidel hosts, only to claim Britons must start the healing…

Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), which has been calling for a full-fledged inquiry into anti-Muslim conduct within the Johnson-led Conservative Party, used one of the key slogans from the election campaign to express fears that the strong majority in the House of Commons could mean that, like Brexit, Islamophobia is also “oven-ready” for the new government.

British Muslims prepare to leave UK after Boris Johnson wins election

BS on steroids. If they cared about how we really feel they would have left long ago. In reality, there are hundreds, if not thousands of cultural enrichers arriving every day.

‘Boris Johnson Remaining Prime Minister Makes Me Feel I’m Not Welcome’

Quick, Boris: Roll out the red carpet & do some interfaith routines!

Sobia Hussain says she was shocked at the Conservative election victory as she thought Labour would win.

Muslim voters in the north of England have spoken of their fear and heartbreak at the re-election of a man who compared niqab-wearing women to letterboxes.

It’s exhausting being Muslim and brown in post-9/11 Britain

I see it every day on Twitter when I see the alt-right tweeting me trying to white-splain my life, denying my experiences of Islamophobia and bigotry. I can tweet the same things as my white friends, but the only person who gets the abuse? Me. It’s not hard to guess why. …

The queer & twisted views of a Mohammedan agitprop

Professor Ayhan Kaya projects Mohammedan views onto the West:

Populist leaders have common denominators. They have a Manichean world, dividing everything in two: Good or bad; the believers and the unbelievers. It is either “you are one of us or against us.”

The endless winging & whining about Moslem victimhood is just a pain in the butt. Why do Britons put up with being insulted  with ‘whitesplaining’ by unwanted Paki trash?