Civil war in France, Sharia in Sweden, UK ‘Grooming Gangs’…

Civil war in France. The fake news media won’t cover it…

Funny. The more things change, they look like Deja vu.

Sweden: Woman gets conditional sentence and $4,000 in fines for insulting Islam

Sharia rules!

If she had criticized Christianity in the same terms, would Åsa Westerberg have been tried, convicted, and fined? You know the answer. “Åsa Westerberg is sentenced in the case involving the National Examiner,” translated from “Åsa Westerberg döms i mål mot Näthatsgranskaren,” Nya Tider, January 10, 2020


Dozens of kids ‘abused by Asian grooming gangs operating in plain sight’ after being failed by cops
Councillors and police ‘had sex’ with Rotherham abuse victims
Bushfire of the vanities

James Delingpole The Spectator Australia 11 January 2020

‘You are literally evil. Dante has a level for you… Now I know that you’re the type who would laugh at a train off to Auschwitz.’ Just one example of the typically caring, nurturing messages I’ve been getting from Australian greenies over the last couple of days. My crime? Telling it like it is about the bushfires. The Australian bushfires, as every rational, half-way informed person knows, are a natural, annual occurrence which this season have been exacerbated by two man-made factors: arson and the ongoing failure by government and local authorities to clear the scrub, underbrush and hyper-inflammable eucalypts, which have turned what should have been routine burns into raging infernos. Nothing to do with ‘climate change’ whatsoever.

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One thought on “Civil war in France, Sharia in Sweden, UK ‘Grooming Gangs’…”

  1. Muslim opera singer refuses to perform together with an Armenian opera singer at the Semper opera house in Dresden, Germany

    Lusine Shirinyan, an official of the Foreign Ministry in Yerevan, has circulated a statement by Agence Massis Opéra, disputing the denials by SemperOpernball that it fired the Armenian soprano Ruzan Mantashyan at Yusif Eyvazov’s request.
    Ms Shirinyan who works in the USA and Canada Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Yerevan, had previously accused Eyvazov of ‘Armenophobia’: On the day of the 30th anniversary of the Armenian massacre in Baku Azerbaijani opera singer Yusif Eyvazov announces he refuses to perform on stage with Armenian soprano Ruzan Mantashyan at Dresden Opera Ball citing her nationality. What is this if not Armenophobia? Ruzan, you are the best! I am proud to have known you since childhood. This outrageous incident should be condemned and the festival boycotted.

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