Iran Revolts!

‘Death to the Islamic Republic’: Hundreds of Iranians Take Streets Against Regime

Iranians students demonstrate following a tribute for the victims of Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737 in front of the Amirkabir University in the capital Tehran, on January 11, 2020. - Iranian police dispersed students chanting "radical" slogans during a gathering in Tehran to honour the 176 people killed when an …

The Iranian government’s admission on Saturday that it shot down a Ukrainian commercial airliner triggered widespread protests nationwide attended by hundreds chanting slogans against the regime and the former head of its foreign terrorist organization, Qasem Soleimani.

Britain’s ambassador to Tehran was arrested and held in Tehran during demonstrations today and then released.


‘DEATH TO LIARS!’: Iranians Turn On Ayatollah, Demand Resignation Over Shot Down Plane

Funny how they don’t blame President Trump for the plane being shot down, but the Democrats and the media do.