Canuckistan: Ezra Levant encounters convicted terrorist, Omar Khadr, on his flight

SHOCK VIDEO: A terrorist was on my flight — and police threatened to arrest me if I didn’t shut up!

This is everything that is wrong with Canada right now. A convicted terrorist allowed to fly and the police protecting him and not the general public. This is the Canada that Justin Trudeau has created.

Ezra Levant of Rebel News reports: I heard that Dalhousie University had invited Omar Khadr, the Al Qaida terrorist, to speak to students. I thought that was appalling, so I flew from Toronto to Halifax this morning to attend the event tonight. Little did I know that Khadr would be on the same plane as me, just a few rows ahead of me.


1) Omar Kadhr, a murderer now free and made a multi millionnaire by Moonbat PM Justin Trudeau.
2) Monster Joshua Boyle set free by a justice system that is failing us.
Q: What do you call a country with a corrupt justice system led by a corrupt man?
A: A travesty.