“Violent radicals inspired by ISIS” stab tourists in the Maldives

Maldives: Muslims stab three foreign tourists at upmarket tourist destination

Islamic jihadis in Muslim countries hate tourists, who are often visiting sites of jahiliyya, the pre-Islamic society of unbelievers. And if they’re visiting Muslim sites, they’re trampling them down under their Infidel feet. Either way, they’re not welcome.

“Three foreign tourists are stabbed by ISIS-affiliated Islamic extremists in Maldives terror attack,” by Ryan Fahey, Mailonline, February 6, 2020:

Maldives police have arrested three suspected Islamic extremists over the stabbing of three foreigners in the upmarket tourist destination.

Two Chinese men and an Australian were in a stable condition after being stabbed Tuesday, just two months after security officials warned of the presence of violent radicals inspired by ISIS.

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