“Dirty whites, I hope you will all die of Covid”

“The media worrying about misinformation is like the mafia worrying about crime.” #TheFive

“Journalists” fist-bumping each other for their bravery for asking dopey gotcha questions at a presser, after spending 3 yrs lying to Americans about the collusion & Ukraine hoaxes, is the most pathetic thing you’ll see on Twitter all day.

Trump: When I Figure Out Who Is More Dishonest and Corrupt Between NYT, WaPo ‘I’ll Let You Know’

The President should just call it a tie between the two of them.
The propaganda will only get worse as the #Trump train rolls on.

Islamic call to prayer in Brooklyn is among things New Yorker’s hate most about the city

No moments of silence.

France: Woman claiming to have the COVID-19 virus sentenced to 7 months for spitting on police and calling them ‘dirty whites’

“Dirty whites, I hope you will all die of Covid.”

A criminal court in France has handed a 24-year-old woman who claimed to have the COVID-19 virus, ignored quarantine measures, spat on police offers, and called them “dirty whites” a seven-month jail sentence and a 350 euro fine.

The media pressure for a total lockdown has become overwhelming. It’s almost like a plan….
Calais refugees Mohammedans aim to reach UK to escape coronavirus lockdown


CNN host Fareed Zakaria calls for jihad rape of white women

How the Peoples Cube was banned for a whole month from FB four years after a spoof.


At UN, Pakistan calls for labelling organizations critical of Islam as terrorists

Bosch Fawstin

When I wrote that those who tell the truth about Islam are seen as terrorists, I know that some of you thought that it was hyperbole. And the reason why this latest move to criminalize criticism of Islam might get some traction is because not only Pakistanis feel this way. Many in the West, and not just politicians, can live with the murders of innocents at the hands of jihadists, but they cannot live with Islam being criticized.

As I show in detail in my book The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Free Speech (and Its Enemies), for years now the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Pakistani government have been trying to intimidate the United Nations into adopting Sharia blasphemy laws under the guise of proscribing “hate….


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