Germany: Mohammedans target elderly people & service personnel in trains by coughing on them

The federal police in Saarland and Kaiserslautern have been informed about the incidents and are searching for offenders. The German Bahn has upped security on the trains. They plan to patrol the affected trains with more security personnel

Don’t you just love how Indian police treats the Mohammedans?

There seems to be some hope in fighting this deadly virus:
Hungary to the European Commission: If you won’t help us, stop hurting us

Mr. Orbán has not hesitated to criticize liberal policies for failing to address the coronavirus pandemic. In a recent interview, he said that immigration is to blame for the arrival of the coronavirus in his country, as previously reported by Voice of Europe.

EU called to use cruise ships to move migrants from Greece to Germany

The (Moslem) migrant-rescue NGO Sea Watch has proposed that the EU ferry migrants to Europe using cruise ships.

UK: Migrants STILL crossing the English Channel

Mohammedans, all of them.

Bosnia Herzegovina: Bosnian Serbs protest new migrant camp

Turd Watch

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Minnesota State Representative Hodan Hassan recently kicked off her re-election campaign for Minnesota House of Representatives, District 62A.

Hassan, a former refugee from Somalia, was first elected to Minnesota House of Representatives in November 2018. She was sworn into office on a quran in January 2019.

Hassan has been under fire several times, including while running for office, when a video emerged of Hassan claiming that muslims are the real victims of the September 11th terror attacks.

Shortly after taking office, Hassan wrote a letter in support of probation for Mohamed Noor, the ex-Minneapolis police officer who shot and killed Justine Ruszczyk Damond while on duty in July 2017. Hassan asked the Judge to consider “Noor as a father, a sibling, a husband and a wonderful community member who have been a fine example of what a productive member of society looks like.”

More recently, Hassan lashed out at a Republican Congressman after he jokingly stated that everyone should eat pork. Hassan responded with telling the Congressman that he will “rotten in hell” and that his “hateful heart will eventually stop beating as you continue to fill it with agenda to ostracize Muslims.”

Unsurprisingly, Hassan is close friends with Ilhan Omar and Keith Ellison.


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    Well well now it’s official.

    Let’s see the Governor of Massachusetts explain why he just banned the cure?

    Oh noes Bill Gates’ plan to make a killing selling his vaccine while sterilizing the masses of peons just went up in blowing smoke and mirrors!


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