Islamic conquest in the times of the Coronavirus

Hungary Declares Successful Isolation of Coronavirus
‘Hug a Chinese Person’ Propaganda Didn’t Age Well

Greek Island Migrant Camps Put on Lockdown over Coronavirus

Muslim cleric: Time to establish caliphate, conquer Jerusalem, Rome, US, Russia, and the world, impose Sharia

France, Italy Consider Nationalizing Airlines

Nothing that hasn’t been tried before….

France To Enact U.K. Travel Ban if Britain Doesn’t Lock Down
86 % Infected with Coronavirus in Public Are Undetected
‘Demand Reparations’ from Communist China for Coronavirus
This is horrible stuff:

3 thoughts on “Islamic conquest in the times of the Coronavirus”

    1. It appears there are some 300.000 Chinese nationals employed in Italy by garment & shoe factories that have been sold to Chinese investors. There’s your WuHuFlu connection!

  1. Oh: Milan hosts the largest Chinese community in Italy—and the administrative region of northern Lombardy was the source of the Italian infection.

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