Why is the media lying about the jihad in India?

India: Muslim rioters bore drill machine into head of 19-year-old Hindu

According to the establishment media, these riots are attacks by violent Hindus on peaceful Muslims.

India: Media whitewashes how Muslim school was used as an attack base and Hindu school was vandalized

Just as in the U.S., establishment media outlets are no longer by any stretch of the imagination news organizations. They’re just propaganda outfits that are dedicated, again just as they are in the U.S., to whitewashing the phenomenon of jihad violence and presenting Muslims as victims no matter what the facts are

India: Muslim leader caught on video telling people to “fight” on the streets when Trump arrived

India: Muslim rioters molest 6th-8th grade Hindu schoolgirls

But remember: the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Guardian et al will assure you that the Muslims are the victims!

U.S. Media Covers Up Muslim Atrocities Against Hindus in Reporting on Delhi Riots

“Over 200 million Muslims call India home,” Bernie Sanders tweeted Wednesday. “Widespread anti-Muslim mob violence has killed at least 27 and injured many more.

India: Muslim rioters kill 15-year-old Hindu boy who had gone out for some chow mein

You know these riots. The ones in which violent Hindus are preying upon innocent Muslims. That’s what the international media tells us, and they wouldn’t lie, now, would they?

Islamic Republic of Pakistan: Christian tortured to death for bathing in Muslims’ well

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