So what’s the plan?

Our governments are determined to conflate and thus exaggerate Coronavirus deaths. Why? Not for our health.

 Trump Announces Hold on World Health Organization Funding

President Donald Trump announced Tuesday at the White House that he would put a hold on funding to the World Health Organization amid the coronavirus crisis.

“They were wrong about a lot of things,” Trump said.

Defund it – permanently.

China Floods Facebook with Ads Blaming Trump for Chinese Virus

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has previously pledged to learn a language and eat only meat from animals he killed himself
Chinese state media has been flooding Facebook and Instagram with undisclosed political ads blaming President Donald Trump for the Wuhan coronavirus. Facebook said in a statement that it was an “error” that the ads were not classified as political and is correcting them.

The Telegraph reports that Chinese state media has been posting undisclosed political ads to Facebook and Instagram in an attempt to downplay China’s role in the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic and blaming President Donald Trump. Three Chinese state media outlets, Xinhua, China Central Television, and the Global Times, have targeted ads towards users across the world in English, Chinese, and Arabic.


The story that this bat-derived coronavirus came from a Wuhan animal market is falling apart. A Chinese academic says no bats were sold at that market, and bats weren’t a local animal or food. I may have escaped instead from one of two local laboratories working on bats. One advertised last year for a scientist to work on “new” bat viruses.

Could it be that there’s an agenda behind this?

According to the CDC’s website, as of yesterday at 4 pm in the United States:

Total cases: 374,329

Total deaths: 12,064

How many of these deaths are actually a direct result of COVID-19?

We’re being lied to people!