Trump vs Enemedia 1:0

The total number of coronavirus cases in Australia stands at 6,394 and the death toll remains at 61.

‘Refugee advocates’ are pushing for the islamic invasion to continue:

‘Refugee doctors’ demand releasing asylum seekers into community detention because of fears coronavirus could spread in detention centres.

Trump rips fake news media a new one

Ted Cruz Rips CNN’s Brian Stelter, Asks if His Network ‘Only Exists to Attack the GOP’ 

Today it was a Paula Reid who made an absolute a$$ of herself attacking the president. Turns out, her hubby is a lobbyist for the ChiComs, Worked at the American Chamber of Commerce in China – Went to college at Peking University in Beijing China. She is no more than a partisan hack:

The President played the media’s words back to them and now the media is calling that “propaganda”.

The same media who attacked Trump over hydroxychloroquine because he “wasn’t a doctor”, fully embraced a 16-year-old for her “knowledge” of climate change. The media is the enemy of the people.

Spain launches a large-scale study of hydroxychloroquine and antiretrovirals to prevent COVID-19 in health workers

Trump just obliterated the fake news so badly that CNN walked out of the press briefing.

As a result, they blame Trump of “propaganda”, and promptly resort to their very own bullshit propaganda:


Since the hydroxychloroquine and zinc combination work so well why do we need vaccines? Not only does it cure the virus it stops you from getting it. Isn’t that the same thing as a vaccine? Only not as invasive not as harmful and not as unpredictable in the future?

Answer: too cheap. Bill Gates wants to sell us an expensive vaccine.

Is this true?

the trade deal signed with USA had the exemption of ‘acts of God- pandemics’ – did they know a pandemic was about to start?

TWELVE police officers fine men for breaking coronavirus laws

The coppers are way out of line with their enforcement allures.

Australia IGNORED the World Health Organisation and stayed one step ahead on coronavirus

At least something that can be said for our otherwise rather mediocre government.

The pope just proposed a ‘universal basic wage

The pope, like all socialists, fails to understand basic economics.

In his Easter address to popular movements of the world, Pope Francis encouraged activists to keep up their efforts and their hope under the pressure of a pandemic. He repeated familiar refrains about the “idolatry of money” and “ecological conversion.” But he also allowed himself to offer a single policy proposal that movements might work toward: “This may be the time,” he said, “to consider a universal basic wage.” This points unmistakably to what is usually known as universal basic income—a regular, substantial cash payment to people just for being alive.