Wally Watch

Defunding the WHO is the right thing to do


President Donald Trump finally cut WHO funding. But not everyone is happy about the news.

This news triggered Waleed Aly and his team at The Project.

Aly says,

Trump is right to criticise the World Health Organisation, but is wrong to defund them during the pandemic because it puts the people they are helping at-risk”.

No, mate.

They aren’t “helping” anyone.

The World Health Organisation had one job and failed.

Now Trump is refusing to fund their CCP propaganda.

2 thoughts on “Wally Watch”

  1. Wally Aly should ask China to fund it because of China putting people at risk.

    China does not contribute much to WHO anyway , so Aly can ask them to step up.

  2. Why is this wally (the invader islam) and its non-islam Conspirators …
    STILL IN AUSTRALIA … get it and them out !!!

    In Australia islam is by its intent and by the main substantive areas of law in Australia – illegal !!!
    (Yet Australia’s “rulers” CONTINUE to ignore this … so they are called islam Conspirators and treated as Traitors)

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