Bill Gates’ daughter gets engaged to Muslim Boyfriend

Bill Gates’ daughter gets engaged to Muslim Boyfriend

Notice the pattern? Notice that Mohammedans are targeting very wealthy, influential people?

Microsoft co-founder and billionaire tech mogul Bill Gates’s daughter Jennifer Gates is getting married to her Egyptian boyfriend  Nayel Nassar.

Nayel is a professional Egyptian horse rider whose family is involved in the architecture and design business in Kuwait.

The duo who met at Stanford University will tie the knot next year.

12 thoughts on “Bill Gates’ daughter gets engaged to Muslim Boyfriend”

    1. Not really.

      When it comes to influential people, they are seen as useful idiots and milked for all its worth. Imagine the DAWA prop that comes out of that! imagine all the dumb females who are looking forward to marry a prince from an exotic country! Her children will be Muslim, the marriage will be dissolved after (or before) she is barren, but her whole family will always be held to ransom to promote islamic causes. And then some.

  1. Gates just bought T. Boone Pickens ex-wife’s beachfront house in Del Mar, CA for $59,000,000 which lies about 3′ above mean high-tide mark…… sooooo….not the best place to live if one is a Global Warming True Believer. (Then again, Al Gore’s rich biotech divorcee koochiemama bought a $5M beachfront mansion about 20 minutes further north in Carlsbad…also just above the high-tide mark and protected by riffrock. Coincidently, she also is a Rancho Santa Fe Horsey set elitist). Gates also has a 220 acre Rancho Santa Fe horse ranch where her daughter rides too.

    Since I highly doubt the groom will convert to Christianity (as it is still a death penalty…. the ONLY “religion” in the world that sanctifies that), she will or her kids will have to be muslim. If she has daughters, I doubt she has read the stats about the 82% FMG rate in Egyptian muslim girls.

    What the crap is the obsession with showjumping amongst the idle rich? If she wanted to be with someone who loves to ride horses, why not any AMERICAN cowboy or rancher from one of our many Western states who perhaps shares her faith, background, hobbies, and comes from a more solid family and better culture? What, American men not good enough? The Country that helped your dorky dad make a fortune (that he clings onto but sends to 3rd world poopholes for virtue signaling instead of improving the lives of fellow Americans in Compton, Carson, Detroit, Newark??)

  2. She must convert, because as unbeliever she is impure, living in darkness and friend of satan.

  3. Is Bill Gates a secret backdoor muslim? Does he agree that his daughter will have to be a conservative “muslima”?
    It sounds like an arranged coming marriage, to improve islamic influence further against our western civilisation.
    And the planned reduction of the earth-population matches perfect in this project.
    Something sounds very fishy.

  4. Does this woman have any clue about the reality of islam?

    PC islamic fantasy will eventually take its victim.

    “Professional Egyptian horse rider” … “involved in the architecture and design business in Kuwait.” Sounds like political spin to me.

    1. They are targeting prominent females. Remember that clueless “Lady Di” & that dodgy Egyptian Dodi Fayed?

      Same with Paki thug in chief Imran Khan & rich heiress Jemima Goldsmith.

      The kids are Moslem, they belong to Islam.

      The rich prominent ones usually get away, the poorer ones are murdered once the marriage is over.

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