Farage exposes the migration-invasion racket

Farage Again Catches French Ships Escorting Illegal Migrant Boats Into British Waters

Farage Boat Migrants
Nigel Farage Facebook

Nigel Farage has filmed more migrants apparently being escorted by a French naval vessel into British waters to be handed over to UK Border Force.

The Brexit Party leader turned investigative journalist took to the English Channel again on Tuesday morning to report on the increased waves of illegal boat migrants sailing from camps in France to the United Kingdom.

In other news:

The government in Cyprus has announced it will deport 17 migrants as soon as international flights allow. The migrants, whose nationalities and alleged crimes have not been disclosed, are being held in a detention center on the island.

The 17 migrants are being held in a detention center on suspicion of having links to extremist terror groups or having committed terrorist acts, said Cyprus’ interior ministry in a statement to the news agency Associated Press (AP).


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  1. Poor Cyprus. I was stationed there, once.
    The Turkish infection should be swept clean.
    Start by throwing the Orks out of NATO, FFS!

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