Riots in Minnesota, Riots in Hongkong, More Islam in Canuckistan

I am creepy Joe Biden and I approve this message!

Coming soon to a town too near you!

And you thought the virus was a killer?

Dozens of mosques across the UK were permitted to call worshipers to prayer through loudspeakers during Ramadan to encourage Muslims to stay at home amid the coronavirus quarantine. Now they want the practice to become routine. –RT.COM

PM Trudeau Applauds Strength of Muslims’ Values Amid COVID-19 Crisis

I am more than ever convinced that the Aga Khan made Trudeau a Moslem. All his actions prove it on a daily basis.

Trudeau Rolls Out Agenda Transforming White Canadians To MINORITY Community

This closet Moslem is planning genocide of the white race in broad daylight while Canucks look away.

Coronavirus could ‘burn out naturally’ so vaccine not needed, former WHO director claims

Riots in Masks

Mehdi Hasan for Al Jizz is stirring the pot. The protestors in Michigan didn’t riot & didn’t loot like these savages.

George Floyd Protests AP

Protests are continuing in Minnesota on Wednesday evening a day after Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd after Floyd was seen on video saying he could not breathe with the officer’s knee on his neck.

Steve Bannon wins battle to set up a right-wing political academy in Italy

We stood by the monastery, the community and Italy during this pandemic when it would have been easy to walk way,” Bannon said in a statement.

It’s a disgrace for the Western world that virtually all institutions of higher learning are occupied by leftist loons. Antonio Gramsci’s ‘long march through the institutions’ was incredibly successful.

Steve Bannon, the former adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump, has won a battle with Italy’s culture ministry to set up a right-wing Catholic political academy in Italy.

Chinese Media Quotes Hong Kong Police Condemning ‘Illegal’ Demonstration Before It Happened

Chinese Media Quotes Hong Kong Police Condemning ‘Illegal’ Demonstration Before It Happened


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  1. In NZ we just experienced the worst year of gun crime in ten years supposedly after Silly Cindy took all the guns off people. She and her crew spent 90 million to collect forteen per cent of the guns. A lot of them were buried. They did not even try to take them off the gangs.
    Do Australians know that NZ is now a police State? Lots of people hv rcd visits by armed police over their political views.. If you criticise Adern on facebook you get a police visit. She is a rabid communist on a power trip. Make Adern go away.

    1. I wish I could help you.

      In every country that suffers from communism, the pattern is the same. It’s incremental, like creeping sharia.

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