African Enrichment in Melbournistan

Katie Hopkins banned from Twitter for using a line from Rowan Atkinson’s “Black Adder”….”hung like a baboon”

“Some White People May Have to Die for Black Communities to Be Made Whole” – Far Left UGA Teaching Assistant on Black Lives Matter Movement 

It would be better to waste a whole bunch of BLM Niggas before they get white people killed.


I been around the world & the seven seas multiple times, and live and breathe politics, and up until 2 weeks ago, I’d never heard of Juneteenth in my life. I also never heard of Kwanzaa, until that imposter dipshit came along.

The Project: Have you spoken to your children about their Black Lives struggle?

John Legend: They’re a bit young. But I sure will teach them about how underprivileged they are because of their skin colour.

John is only worth $45M USD.

Poor kids. Such victims.

Greta Thunberg calls for Covid-19-style response to climate change 

“Climate Change” is for retards.