Londonistan: Muslims worry about ‘backlash’ over terror attack in park

You knew that was coming. It’s routine.

Libyan Refugee Arrested After Reading Terror Attack

UK: Muslim who murdered three in stabbings in Reading is “refugee” from Libya

Celebrate diversity! Remember: if you have any concerns whatsoever about mass Muslim migration, you’re a racist, bigoted “Islamophobe.”

How deviant minds distort a great religion

Tariq A. Al Maeena, Special to Gulf News

… The Islam of peace became an Islam of compulsion in the minds and acts of some who craftily manipulated religious mores with their own sets of beliefs which had little to do with the religion. …

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“Reading terror attack suspect named as 25-year-old Libyan refugee Khairi Saadallah,” by Lorraine King, Mirror, June 21, 2020:

A 25-year-old man arrested in connection with a terror attack in Reading that left three people dead has been named as Khairi Saadallah.

Saadallah, a refuge from Libya, is being held by police after three people were killed and three seriously injured in a knife attack in a park in Forbury Gardens at around 7pm on Saturday.

A shaken witness told Mirror Online he saw blood spurting and victims dropping “like a weight” as a man appeared to be “tapping them on the head” at random.

Another witness said the knifeman “shouted some unintelligible words” and stabbed victims in the neck and under their arms as the horrific mass stabbing unfolded.

Extremely graphic video on social media shows at least four people covered in blood while witnesses and police officers performed CPR on victims who appeared to be motionless….