America is going down fast

USA: Santa Monica Black Lives Matter taking whites from their cars, beating them then stealing the cars They’re doing this because they’ve been given a green light by every single government & official in the west. You wondered when it’d be open season on whitey?

I don’t get it. Are you not allowed to open carry & defend yourself in the land of the free & the home of the brave?

The Marxist’s mission is total destruction:

The nearly 100-year-old statue of George Washington in NE Portland has been pulled down. There are no police in the area.

Covid19 News:

California, Oregon, North Carolina and Arizona are among 10 states currently reporting its highest seven-day average of new coronavirus cases per day since the crisis began, according to a CNN analysis of data.

#Trump will must fix this:

“Facebook takes down Trump’s ‘Antifa’ ads ‘for violating our policy against organized hate”.
Winston Churchill 'demonised' in schools as 'brainwashed' pupils told he's a war criminal

Winston Churchill ‘demonised’ in schools as ‘brainwashed’ pupils told he’s a war criminal

Actually, you could call him a war criminal for bombing defenceless German women & children after the war was basically won. This could be a valid argument, especially since he firebombed white European people. But that isn’t why leftoids are calling him a war criminal.

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