Black Hitler Matters

Blacks are now a protected victim class who can do no wrong.

Czech Republic: Black Hitler on magazine cover  triggers Moonbats

A Czech weekly magazine sparked controversy with its cover page depicting Adolf Hitler as a black man. Footage filmed in Prague on Friday shows the ‘Reflex’ publication at a newspaper kiosk. The black Hitler on the cover and the ‘Black Lives matter’ slogan lied to criticism from human rights activists and a Facebook ban for the magazine’s editor-in-chief. A smaller text on the cover said: “Shall we kneel before all criminals who claim they want to improve society?” The issue was published in the wake of worldwide protests triggered by last month’s killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. 

‘Act with necessary force’: Greta Thunberg says BLM protests & ‘corona crisis’ give blueprint for climate change fight‘Act with necessary force’: Greta Thunberg says BLM protests & ‘corona crisis’ give blueprint for climate change fight
The Black Lives Matter protests across the world show the ‘necessary force’ people need to use when fighting global warming, teen activist turned climate change icon Greta Thunberg believes.
A small German party has installed a monument to the first Soviet leader, Vladimir Lenin, in the western city of Gelsenkirchen. City authorities sought to block the initiative but ended up launching an online educational campaign.
“Marx’s philosophy taught Europeans that it was the “task of our time” to improve social rights.”
Juncker says German philosopher Karl Marx shouldn’t be judged for the crimes of his followers (Neither should Hitler, then. Or Mao. Or Pol Pot. Or any other mass-murdering dictator.
 As a taxpayer, I don’t consider it is a “right” to feed these communist parasites in Brussels. It’s a pain & an insult.
They are all hardcore communists & they hate #Trump. At least they’re not pretending to be something else anymore.

One thought on “Black Hitler Matters”

  1. Re: “Marx’s philosophy taught Europeans that it was the “task of our time” to improve social rights.”


    “Social engineering” (aka “cultural” Marxism): Dummying down people into unthinking idiots who are programmed to pity pity and angrily attack angry people not only short-circuits their humanity (which is based on our ability to reason) but also turns them into enslaved animals.

    The goal of cultural Marxism is to inflict a pity-based emotional demand for equality of outcome in all things: in race and sex (which are both pretended as social constructs in stead of biological facts, and deliberately confused by “Diversity!”)* and religion (as in “No religion should be associated with terrorism, because it’s a local minority’s racial right to maintain criminally wrong traditions!”) etc. Social engineering isn’t reasoned education, it’s enforced propaganda indoctrination!

    And who always wants to force an equality of outcome on others?

    Who demands the false right to rob and ENSLAVE everyone else, both retroactively in “reparations,” and “pre-emptively defensively!”?

    Only gangs of lazy corrupt criminal hypocrites invoking might-makes-right ends-justified criminal means, that’s who!

    In short, “cultural” Marxism wants to impose SLAVERY (aka equality of outcome) on all aspects of human “culture:” race, sex, religion, politics, education, philosophy, history (by re-writing it) and economics; i.e:

    “I made money because I’m smart while you didn’t because you’re a lazy retard – so I somehow now owe you half of my earnings.

    You’re brown and I’m White and you outnumber me everywhere else but here, so I owe you half of my earnings.

    *Everything that is “Diversely!” different must be treated as being exactly the same, because “Equality!”

    This is all SLAVERY.

    Pity-based “Diversity” opposes merit. Merit is based on unified standards. “Diversity” = Anything BUT Merit!”

    “Diversity!” = “Everything that’s different must be treated equally because it’s different! Whee!”

    Conclusion: “Diversity!” is a way for communists to sell equality of outcome to the naive.

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