BLM is a radical neo-Marxist political movement

That is clear in the movement’s own words.

The rapid spread of protests across the West under the Black Lives Matter banner has left a political breathlessness from Baltimore to Berlin. Those in positions of authority are scrambling to show they are addressing endemic racism, and in the commercial sphere, not ending up on the wrong side of the debate and risking Twitter storms and boycotts. In a world where nothing is exempt from moral judgment, being on trend means signing up to radical political movements.

That is what Black Lives Matter is. Don’t take my word for it. Take theirs. The form of words that appears on most online posts connected to the group riffs on ‘the black radical tradition’ which counts among its past contributors the Black Panther Movement and Malcom X. BLM happily self-identifies as a neo-Marxist movement with various far left objectives, including defunding the police (an evolution of the Panther position of public open-carry to control the police), to dismantling capitalism and the patriarchal system, disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure, seeking reparations from slavery to redistribute wealth and via various offshoot appeals, to raise money to bail black prisoners awaiting trial.

It’s not cool to be white in Londonistan:

This was a vicious attempted murder.

This is what happens when your country is flooded with African savages. 

Diversity™ is chasing down White people. Diversity™ is a code word for White genocide.

Foreigners  N*ggas start petitions to remove “racist” Scandinavian statues
The iconoclasm in US and UK has now spread to Scandinavia, where petitions in Sweden and Norway have called for statues of “racist” historical persons to be taken down.

Lovette Jallow is a Gambian national and BLM activist living in Sweden. She recently said that: “I know the Carl Von Linné statue is shaking”, but added that she wasn’t encouraging anyone to harm the statue, Nyheter Idag reports.

Carl Von Linne was a famous Swedish botanist, zoologist, and physician who formalised binomial nomenclature, the modern system of naming organisms.

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  1. Wake up and think for your selves Marxist sock puppets. No one’s life matters in a Marxist totalitarian state.

  2. Wake up and think for yourselves Marxist sock puppets. No one’s life matters in a Marxist totalitarian State.

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