Abolishing Coons Defeats Racism

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Saputo, the Canadian owner of the COON cheese brand, has caved in to bullying from a very insecure Aboriginal, a Dr Stephen Hagan, who thinks he is caught by the word “Coon.” Of course, even after the retiring of the Coon brand, he will STILL be a “coon” in his own mind. The racism is in him, not the cheese brand named after the Mr Coon who invented the process. This fool Hagan leads with his chin.

Australians annoyed with Saputo’s decision might now consider BOYCOTTING tSee more

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Advance Australia


Coon cheese is named after Edward William Coon who died in 1934. The surname comes from the German surname ‘Kuhn’. There are tens of thousands pf people aroSee more

Why didn’t we leave the cheese alone – and tackle violence and sexual abuse in Indigenous communities instead?

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George Christensen


Racism is now officially ended with the cancellation of Coon Cheese, which was actually named after cheese processing pioneer Edward William Coon.
News on the matter here: https://www.theaustralian.com.au/…/9d71315f050955679547d43f…

  • It might be of interest that the brand went halal quite some time ago, which alienated many red-blooded Australians. It won’t be missed.
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Bob Ward

When was the last time you saw white people with black baby dolls on a stick at a political march?  Me, Never..

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Health company apologizes for falsely telling 600,000 US military members they were infected with coronavirus 

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