No Second Opinions Allowed

Fraudci on Censored Hydroxychloroquine Video: ‘Bunch of People Spouting Something that Isn’t True’

It is normal to get a second opinion on serious medical issues. But now that the Wuhan coronavirus has been weaponized for political purposes, the public is denied a second opinion on this crucial topic, because only one opinion is allowed by the leftists who control Silicon Valley.

As you can see: yours truly has just been banned from FB for posting the above.

The liberal media is twisting itself into knots to portray the press conference in Washington Monday by America’s Frontline Doctors as a gathering of nutcases. Propagandists have zeroed inon Dr Stella Immanuel, who is from Nigeria, as the most vulnerable target, dispensing with their usual racial sensitivity to accuse her of believing in witchcraft.

However, the issue isn’t whether Stella Immanuel has a screw loose. As Matt Christiansen explains, the issue is whether left-wing ideologues should be allowed to politicize medical information and then restrict our access to it:

The video that Big Tech (specifically, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube/Google, and Squarespace) went to such hysterical extremes to suppress is still available on BitChute, where it has benefitted from the Streisand Effect:

Unfortunately, fewer people may see this than would have had it not been censored. A general impression has been created among those who rely on the MSM that the views expressed are beyond the pale.

The liberal establishment does not want us to have hope regarding COVID-19. It wants us to panic or succumb to despair, in the belief that this will hurt the incumbent in November’s presidential election.

It is intolerable that leftist political operatives should have this ever-tightening chokehold on the flow of information.