The Truth is No Defense

Imagine a virus so deadly you have to have a test to know if you have it.

Brisbane traffic will once again be blocked with another mass protest given the green light at Kangaroo Point.

There was a guy hauled up in a quarantine hotel who went outside to smoke a cigarette. He was fined some $2.000 dollars. Unfortunately, I can’t find a link.

Dem Rep. Meeks: Trump Turning America into North Korea with Feds Taking Protesters off the Street

African Migrant Detained After Fire Guts Nantes Cathedral

One thought on “The Truth is No Defense”

  1. Do the people of Portland or Chicago agree with their mayor? If so, let the anarchists destroy their city. It all depends on viewpoint. If your property is being destroyed, defaced, you are pissed. All the other progressives cheer it all on as it hasn’t hit their home. No one has burned down their house.

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