US TV Host: Europeans are “savages,” “barbarians,” and “closer to animals”

Antifa & BLM are terrorist organizations that are supported by Democrats in the United States Congress.

Here’s the green light to use the Insurrection Act.

DHS Report: Portland ‘Under Siege for 47 Straight Days’ by Anarchists

Mayor of Portland to Trump: Get your troops out of the city

Portland: Oregon Sues Trump Admin over Riot Crackdown

In Portland, the insurgents have  hijacked the gov’t.

Federal officers prepare to disperse the crowd of protestors outside the Multnomah County Justice Center on July 17, 2020 in Portland, Oregon. Federal law enforcement agencies attempt to intervene as protests continue in Portland. (Photo by Mason Trinca/Getty Images)

Oregon’s Justice Department is suing multiple federal agencies for civil rights abuses, and state prosecutors are looking to file criminal charges against an officer who seriously wounded a protester.

What the MSM Was Afraid to Tell You About The News This Week

Beetlejuice’s Chicago:
Rioters Attack Police Protecting COLUMBUS STATUE

“The event was hosted by Black Lives Matter Chicago, Chi-Nations Youth Council, Black Youth Project 100, Chicago Alliance against Racial and Political Repression, among others,” the article read.

Minneapolis City Council Declares Racism a ‘Public Health Emergency’

In other news:

World Health Organization Hires PR Firm to Find Celebrity Influencers to Counter Negative Publicity