Black Lives Matter and the Chinese Cultural Revolution

 DemRats are done with the elections. They don’t plan on winning. They are planning on scorched earth, civil war, anything that can hurt as many people as possible. 

Black Lives Matter and the Chinese Cultural Revolution


If the ritual public shaming tactics employed by Black Lives Matter militants look familiar, you might be thinking of the nightmare known as the Chinese Cultural Revolution. There are so many parallels, the ChiComs ought to sue BLM for copyright infringement.

Paul Joseph Watson illustrates in one of his best videos yet:

The similarities are not coincidental. Black Lives Matter cofounder Patrisse Cullors has described herself as a “trained Marxist.”

In the end, whether you call it Marxism, Maoism, or racial justice, it is all the same phenomenon: namely, totalitarianism, which is always imposed by bullies.

BLM savages

These are the worst of all degenerates:

All you see is white trash!

Why do you have the right to bear arms when you’re not allowed to defend yourself and your property?

They’re doing what Marxist revolutionaries do, which is erase the middle class, broaden the divide.