Commie Pope Calls For More Migration Invasion

Commie Pope Calls For New Approach To International Migration: ‘Borders Should Become Windows For Immigration, Not Barriers’

It’s a one-way street for this miscreant. He is for the total subjugation of the West by Mohammedans & African savages.


Pope Francis has been one of the most vocal supporters of worldwide immigration, proposing it as worthy not only of acceptance but as well as promotion and encouragement.

Like the impostor Obama, Francis is a destroyer of civilisations & culture. These people are genocidal maniacs.

Al Jazeera appeals to the bleeding hearts

Al Jizz is the mouthpiece of the Muslim Brotherhood that beams its propaganda all over the world. Qatar, where al Jizz is based, doesn’t take one single Moslem “refugee”:  they insist that Europe takes them all.

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People who fled Greece’s largest camp sleep in supermarket parking lots and on roadsides, many without food and water.

Thousands fled the camp, which was under a COVID-19 lockdown. [Panagiotis Balaskas/AP Photo]