Jane Fonda: There Is Only One Issue


Here’s something you probably didn’t know. Ageing Hollywood starlet Jane Fonda has “been a climate scientist for decades and decades.” That’s how she knows that the global warming hoax is the issue that “will determine the survival of our species.”

If Hanoi Jane has been a climate scientist for that long, she must remember when her fellow liberal establishmentarians screeched hysterically about a coming ice age, as Tony Hellerreminds us:

Fonda may be right that there is only one issue, and that it is the campaign to convince people only overbearing government control can stop the weather from being too warm.

Back when she was in her prime, leftists would say that the issue is never the issue; the issue is always the revolution. That is, seizing power is the issue.

Lately it seems the only issue is Black Lives Matter ideology, but cultural Marxism can only be used to tear down the current society, not to construct a new one. Once leftists secure their grip on the levers of power, climate ideology will be more useful as an ongoing justification for authoritarianism.