Cartoon Rage, Jihad & ‘Allahuakbar’

France: Greek Orthodox priest shot and wounded, perpetrator is on the run

These attacks will continue until France submits.

Canada: Trudeau answers question about Muhammad cartoons by saying ‘freedom of expression is not without limits’

Trudeau has long been “int he bag” of the Aga Khan. It is more than likely that he has become a closet Muslim. He is forcing Islam & Moslems on Canucks as if his life depended on it. 

Austria: Mob of Muslim migrants screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ riots in Vienna church

European authorities continue in their resolution to dismiss all opposition to mass Muslim migration into Europe as “racism.”

Most imams preach love and peace like this Holy Man:

Here’s another one who preaches exactly the same jihad:

Austria: Military imam of federal army discovered to be supporter of jihad in Bosnia

It is just stupid to ignore history & the Islamic teachings, to allow these savages to settle in our countries in the hope they will become civilised human beings. They are driven by conquest & booty.

Vatican Cardinal Calls for Battle Against ‘Monstrous’ Islamism

Vatican Cardinal Calls for Battle Against ‘Monstrous’ Islamism

The Islamo-pandering pope will quickly reign him in.

Portuguese Bishop Blames European ‘Prejudices’ for Islamist Terror Attack in France

Portuguese Bishop Blames European ‘Prejudices’ for Islamist Terror Attack in France

Good dhimmi. How can people be so ignorant this day & age?

Britain Is Turning Into a Totalitarian Police State, Warns Top Lawyer Lord Sumption

Top Lawyer Warns: Britain Turning Into Totalitarian Police State

Remember: Brits have always been subjects or the queen. They have never been free men.

Erdogan says West is ‘once again headed to a period of barbarity’: ‘They literally want to relaunch the Crusades’

That is pure projection. Erdogan clearly knows what an absurd claim this is, but he is apparently calculating that such charges will intimidate Macron and other French authorities to back down from challenging Islamization and Sharia in France, and doing anything significant to stop jihad violence. “Turkey hits at ‘Crusades’ against Islam in cartoons row with France,” 

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  1. Thanks to the “infotainment” media, the writers’ scripts feed actors lines and actions their demographics (say, women, gays, Blacks and muslims) would never be able to take in real life. This inspires equally deficient people to expect success they can’t possibly earn. And when most of them inevitably fail, they blame straight White males, because when the TV told them they could succeed, it also told them evil White racists would try to stop them from succeeding.

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