The Biden Crime Family

‘Big Guy’ in China Deal Email Was Joe Biden

Hunter Biden Business Partner Tony Bobulinski Will Turn Materials over to FBI

Bobulinski had better make plenty of copies & make sure to be armed & in a safe place.

Fox News Channel White House Correspondent John Roberts initially reported Thursday afternoon that Bobulinski “will turn his electronic devices and records of business dealings with Hunter and Jim Biden over to the FBI.”

The Biden’s loved to stiff their American partners. This is why two of Hunter’s former associates are turning on him for that reason.

Facebook and Twitter Censor Biden Bombshells


Code Name ‘Project Hanson’

Insider Documents Reveal How Hunter Biden Associates Helped Chinese Military Contractor Acquire Michigan Dual-Use Manufacturer

(INSET: Hunter Biden) Passersby look at a life size replica of the Chinese Army Z-10WZ attack helicopter displayed outside the office of China's main state-owned aircraft maker AVIC (Aviation Industry Corporation), China's leading aircraft manufacturer in Beijing, China Thursday, July 17, 2014. China's military spending has increased substantially almost every …

In September 2015, the Obama-Biden administration approved the sale of a strategically sensitive Michigan manufacturer, Henniges Automotive, to a firm connected to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and a Chinese military contractor that was on an American watch list because of.. continue reading

Biden Lies and Lies and Lies and Lies… Struggles to Complete Sentences

Trump Slams ‘The Big Guy’: Relentlessly Crushes Biden over Family’s Corruption…

…Says Joe Owes Americans Explanation

POTUS Makes Passionate Plea to Open Country…

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  1. Joe Biden’s pseudonym on the Hunter email chain is “Peter Henderson” – That’s from the Tom Clancy series “Jack Ryan”. Peter Henderson was a mole for the KGB who infiltrated the US Government. . Isn’t that just perfect?

  2. This scandle could possible be worse than the Clinton Foundation. Then again, I’m not sure innocent lives were lost.

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