Tony Bobulinski tells Tucker: Joe Biden denials of involvement in son’s business ‘a blatant lie’

Tucker Carlson:

The media has suppressed Tony Bobulinski’s story. He is about to share details about his meeting with Joe Biden for the first time.

Tony Bobulinski Brings RECEIPTS, Airs Voicemail: “You’re Going to Bury All of Us”

Bobulinski: I think I’ll ultimately become irrelevant in this discussion because the facts are so powerful, so overwhelming.

I just watched Tucker Carlson and Tony Bobulinski live on Fox. If Biden and his family are not arrested and charged, and this is not front page on every newspaper stateside tomorrow it’s clear the American Media are disgustingly biased. (They are.)

“Plausible Deniability”: Whistleblower Describes Brazen Biden-China Dealings In Explosive Interview With Tucker Carlson

Former Biden insider Tony Bobulinski – a registered Democrat who’s donated to Democrats – just gave a smoking gun interview  to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Tuesday, where he described his dealings with the Biden family in their bid to do business with China.

Bobulinski says that “Joe Biden and his family is compromised,” after describing dealings that included purchasing a portion of a Russian state-owned energy company.

In May, 2017, Bobulinski agreed to spearhead a deal between the Bidens and a CCP-linked Chinese company – meeting with Hunter Biden and Rosemont Seneca partner Rob Walker “multiple times,” and meeting with former Vice President Joe Biden twice.