Let the Virus Rule!

COVID-1984: Dr. Doom Tells Americans to Obey!

Fraudci: ’Now is the time to do what you’re told’ Despite ‘Independent Spirit’

Who the fuck does Fauci think he is? And the fuck does he think he’s talking to? Are we really going to put up with this kind of aggression from people trying to control our lives?

Anthony Fauci mask
Joshua Roberts/Getty Images

Dr. Anthony Fauci expressed concerns Thursday about an independent society trying to fight the coronavirus, arguing Americans should just listen to public health officials.

U.S. Justice Alito says pandemic has led to ‘unimaginable’ curbs on liberty

The justice said freedom of speech was also under threat.

“Although that freedom is falling out of favor in some circles, we need to do whatever we can to prevent it from becoming a second-tier constitutional right,” he said.

Alito’s remarks on free speech echoed his words from 2016 at the same event when he referred to college campus culture that conservatives say stifles free speech to avoid offending political sensibilities on matters such as gender, race and religion.



Note that Twitter hacks find it necessary to tell you that they are disputing that the election was indeed rigged with fraud.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Warns Analysts: ‘Following The Presidential Election, There Is A Risk Of Civil Unrest Across The Country’

Really? Like, burning down America before the election?

Trump Law Firm Quits Pennsylvania Case After Project Lincoln ‘Cancel’ Campaign

Lawyers were spooked & made a runner. Very ‘democratic’.

“Leftist mobs descended upon some of the lawyers representing the President’s campaign and they buckled.”

CNN Host Compares Trump’s Presidency To Nazi Purge Of Jews

..deranged host shows footage of Nazi’s burning books and rounding up Jews; Proclaims Biden has pledged a “return to norms”

CNN’s anti-Trump derangement propaganda reached new heights Thursday, with a segment in which Chief International Anchor Christiane Amanpour directly compared the President’s first term with an infamous Nazi crackdown operation.