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The Marquess of Queens, buried not yet
James Allan The Spectrator Australia 14 November 2020
As I write this calls from the Democrats and the press – but I repeat myself – for President Trump to do the decent, civilised, proper, conventional (pick your favourite adjective) thing and concede are rampant. Some in the mainstream media are becoming shrill about it. Keith Olberman has called for Tucker Carlson to be arrested.
Others claim to be keeping lists of the Trump encouragers, hinting at later retribution. But leaving aside those with Stalinist inclinations, let me first put this plea in context for you and then argue why I think Trump should fight to the bitter end with lawsuits and challenges.
Start with the notion of upholding conventional norms of behaviour and valuing the system over one’s immediate party interests. Remember what happened back in 2016 when Trump won? The Democrats did not come to his inauguration. I don’t recall the press going berserk about that breach of convention. Then they spent a couple of years with the Mueller investigation into supposed Russian collusion into Trump’s win. Mueller’s team included some eighteen Democrat lawyers and the full subpoena power of the government. It found nothing, though it did cause the new president huge problems with implementing his agenda. Again, I don’t recall the vast preponderance of the press expressing any scepticism about these charges – the gist of them being that a multi-million dollar social media buy swung the election Trump’s way despite his being outspent by Hillary 2-1 and by nearly a billion dollars. No press outrage about this concocted attack on the sitting president. Or put differently, no sign there by either the Dems or the press of accepting defeat graciously and getting on with things.
Then there was the impeachment. Even based on what was known for sure at the time this was the flimsiest of attacks on a sitting president. It sure as hell wasn’t something you could characterise as ‘accepting defeat like one who values the system over your own side’. And now, in the light of the recently revealed Hunter Biden emails that no one in the Biden camp has ever denied are legitimate – and that our ‘honest broker’, ‘down the middle’ press and Big Tech bent over backwards to suppress and not report – we know that nothing Trump did in calling the Ukraine president was untoward at all. If a US citizen is in fact demanding money overseas for access to politicos back home then the US president has every right to call and ask about it and seek to have it investigated. Have you heard any apologies from the Dems or the press for actually impeaching a president on next to no grounds at all?
And let’s not forget what the Dems and the vast preponderance of the press did to try to stop Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh from being confirmed. Allegations of the nastiest sort, near on 30 years old and with not an iota of corroboration or (let’s be honest) plausibility were latched on to in order to try to block the man’s appointment. And these are the people asking us to play nice. Oh, and then there was all the pre-2016 election skulduggery – lying to the FISA courts; the FBI knowingly relying on material from the Hillary camp; weaponising the intelligence services against your political opponent. Decent, civilised, proper, conventional behaviour should be made of sterner stuff. Heck, during this election campaign Trump has been compared to the Nazis and to Goebbels. But the call now, by those 2016 losers who’ve been more divisive than any others in history, is to put that all behind us and unite.
So speaking personally, you understand, when the same people in the press and the Democrat party who showed every sign of fighting Trump’s 2016 election win unflinchingly and at any cost now ask for a bit of the old Marquess of Queensberry commitment to the way things are done, old boy, I am tempted to vomit. Apparently what’s good for the Left is now, today, not good for the right. And sure, there are plenty of tepid conservative commentators and politicians who are calling for calling it a day and conceding defeat. After all, that’s what they’ve grown accustomed to doing for decades as regards the culture wars, the Left’s massive dominance of the media, universities and corporate boardrooms. Of course these people will throw in the towel. That defeatism and cravenness, dear readers, is why Trump won in the first place.
Nor is fighting on here some sort of quixotic escapade. To start, the Democrats filed some 300 pre-election lawsuits, some of whose effects have helped generate some of what we’re seeing. Why shouldn’t the Republicans now go to court? Next, there is a difference between ‘proof that will stand up in a court of law’ and what lawyers call ‘the appearance of impropriety’. None of what the Democrats and press pursued these past four years (see above) met the first test. Heck, without gaslighting from much of the media it didn’t meet the second test. Meanwhile there is plenty about these election results that falls down when held up against the second test. Why does Biden have so many more votes than Democrat Senators in swing states, but not other states? Why did Wisconsin, and especially Milwaukee, tally near on record turnout levels and more than continguous and other States? Is it in fact the case that the Republican allegations of up to 10,000 ballots being counted after election day in Arizona are true? Because in Arizona – all states electoral laws are different recall – that is illegal. Plus, no one doubts the numbers of mailed Biden votes was expected to outnumber Trump’s significantly. But the vote totals and the ratios now being counted/reported look so high for Biden as to be statistically extremely unlikely to be explained by voting prefences alone. And then there are the hundreds of thousands of people in the swing states who voted only for Biden and didn’t vote further down the ticket. That’s an anomaly.
So I ask again, why give up? Who knows what will happen? And the odds of winning in court isn’t the only consideration. The other side, and the supposedly even-handed but in fact insanely partisan press – remember the study that found the mainstream press in the US portrayed Trump negatively over 90 per cent of the time before the virus and when the economy was its best ever? – did not themselves behave anything like how they want the right now to behave. Their motto is ‘one rule for us, another for you’. My view is, fight till it becomes counter-productive to your second-highest in history 70 million voters (not till when those in the press and the Dems and the Never Trumpers want you to quit) and all the while make it clear you will play exactly the way those bastards on the other side have done.
Otherwise, as game theory makes clear, you’ll lose in the end – something most all non-Trumpian conservatives have yet to figure out.