Trump vs the deceivers: “This administration will not be going to a lockdown”

Seriously, you couldn’t make it up: free speech & the truth “are a threat to democracy”. These CNN turds are insane:

It’s not the media that decides who is president. We will prevail.

Fox has hired a crisis management team to handle PR for their ratings crisis.

#Foxit is real & it’s spectacular.

Allowing itself to be infiltrated by liberals is not paying off for the Fox News Channel. Following upon Chris Wallace’s debate performance and John Roberts’s barking moonbattery, FNC went full moonbat on the election, calling Arizona for Biden absurdly early, refusing to call states for Trump, rushing to anoint Biden President-Elect, and ham-fistedly censoring White House objections to rampant election fraud. Its massive audience is drying up so fast that it has reportedly been forced to hire a crisis management team.

‘Amanpour Must Be Fired’

Ammanturd is a vicious partisan hack who’s poisoned many wells in her deplorable career as a propagandist for Islam & socialism.

<> on July 30, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California.

In a jaw-dropping segment on Thursday, CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour recalled Kristallnacht by noting that President Donald Trump’s presidency has similarly waged a “modern day assault” attacking “those same values” the Nazi regime did.

Donald Trump on election challenge: ‘Never bet against me’

Trump, who hasn’t spoken publicly since Joe Biden was declared president-elect, remains confident he can still win.

This is a lying Obamunist. He doesn’t fight & protect the constitution. He doesn’t fight for the country? No country, no constitution.

Ignore the Fake Media Bias and Be the Media

John Brennan: ‘Nativist, Xenophobic’ Americans Are Suppressing Other Views