ToyBoy Macron offers €10 million for ‘research into Islamic culture, history and science’

Macron was defending, not attacking, Islam says Ed Husain

Isn’t it embarrassing to see Western “leaders” like Toyboy Macron twisting themselves into pretzels to show their deference to invading hordes of unassimilable savages?

Macron is preparing for intellectual battle against Islamism

 “Islamism” is a BS term concocted by sly Koranimals to deceive infidels into believing that there are at least two kinds of Islam, one of them for misunderstanders & another one for intellectual, westernised Muslims who dump steaming piles of taqiyya on us like Ed Husain.

Ed Husein is delighted:

Those portraying Macron’s speech as anti-Islamic tend not to report the bit where he promised €10 million for research into Islamic culture, history and science, and the creation of a ‘Scientific Institute of Islamology’.

Nothing for the victims of islamic terror, but €10 million for BS research that benefits Muslims and no one else. Pathetic.

Armenia handing over disputed territory to Azerbaijan as residents of Kalbajar district began a mass exodus 

Peace Deal in Nagorno-Karabakh Triggers Armenian Migrant Wave

Peace Deal in Nagorno-Karabakh Triggers Armenian Migrant Wave

Because infidels have no rights under an Islamic system.

Turkey-Backed Azeris Claim Churches Will Be Spared as Armenian Lands Occupied

Pull my other leg.

NYT: Al-Qaeda number two ‘secretly killed’ by Israeli agents

Al-Qaeda’s number two was killed in Tehran three months ago by two Israeli assassins on a motorcycle, the New York Times revealed on Saturday.

“Al Masri” stands for ‘Egyptian’

Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, known also as Abu Muhammad al-Masri, was shot dead on the streets of Tehran by two Israeli agents at the “behest of the US”, on the anniversary of the infamous bombings of US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya in 1998, a terror attack that killed over 200 people and injured hundreds, believed to have been masterminded by al-Masri.


4 thoughts on “ToyBoy Macron offers €10 million for ‘research into Islamic culture, history and science’”


    What is Islamic Science?

    Pamela Geller says:

    The bottom line: the inventions and discoveries attributed to the Muslim world were actually stolen from conquered peoples. The 1001 Muslim Inventions exhibit is not history, it is propaganda, and the foolish infidels keep lining up enthusiastically for more.

    E.G. Zero was invented by the Indians not Arabs

  2. ” “Islamism” is a BS term concocted by sly Koranimals to deceive infidels”

    Daniel Pipes also uses ” Islamism” and he is not a sly Koranimal.

    1. Pipes, like so many of the (still tolerated) commentariat, is not doing himself any favours by using word-constructs like ‘Islamism’.

      Using such terms falsely suggests that there is an Islam that allows us to coexist in peace, whereas ‘Islamism’ is the hostile variety that doesn’t. It’s a falsehood I don’t support.

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