UK: ‘Why didn’t they just accept Sharia?’

UK: Muslim jailed for jihad terror offenses asks of people killed by ISIS, ‘Why didn’t they just accept Sharia?’

Judge Philip Katz QC said that Yanaouri “had opted to listen to ‘notorious terrorist loudmouths’ instead of genuine clerics, and was ‘brainwashed by their propaganda.’”

It would be helpful if the imam Katz would provide us with a list of these “genuine clerics,” but he won’t, of course, any more than he will explain from Islamic texts and teachings how he has come to be so sure that the Islam of the “notorious terrorist loudmouths” is a false, twisted version of the real, peaceful thing, and why this is so clear to him while it continues to elude people such as Zakaria Yanaouri, and so many others.

West Sussex extremist jailed for Islamist-related terror offences,” by Helen William, Press Association, November 23, 2020 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Just another “nothing-to-do-with-Islam” event:

Law Commission Pushes for Hate Speech Law to Ban ‘Islamophobic’ Mohammed Cartoons

With that kind of mindset, Brits will always remain serfs. They will never be free men. The freedom of speech is paramount for a free society.

MARNE-LA-VALLEE, FRANCE - JANUARY 14: A worker prepares the new edition of Charlie Hebdo for delivery in a press distribution center in the suburbs on January 14, 2014 in Marne-la-Vallee, France. Three million copies of the controversial magazine have been printed in the wake of last week's terrorist attacks. A …Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images

The Law Commission has proposed changes to hate crime laws in Britain that would see Charlie Hebdo style caricatures of the Islamic prophet banned, in what is being described as “the Scottish Hate Crime Bill on steroids”.

The suggested hate speech reforms from the Law Commission, an unelected official body of lawyers in England and Wales, would see the government ban the dissemination of “inflammatory cartoons” in the wake of Islamist terror attacks in France.

Police have warned that “offensive” comments on the Internet will not be tolerated, tracking down users who made “potentially criminal” posts on social media about grooming gangs.