British Village to Be Displaced by Illegal Aliens

British Village to Be Displaced by Illegal Aliens

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Genocide has become much more sophisticated than it was in the days of boxcars and extermination camps. The old way was too likely to evoke horror and generate resistance. With up-to-date tactics, genocide is accomplished relatively bloodlessly through displacement. Britain’s Home Office is using it to take out a whole village — namely, Barton Stacey:

Plans have been revealed to create a site for 500 asylum seekers on the edge of a Hampshire village…

The site, which would be located on Ministry of Defence land near the busy A303 in Barton Stacey, would see asylum seekers, staying in portacabins while they wait for their applications to be processed.

Maybe some of them will eventually be kicked out of the country and have to go to the trouble of invading again. Probably not many though.

It is expected that the site will be for young men who have come into the UK on boats from the continent.

Effectively, it is a taxpayer-financed colony of illegal aliens.

Phil North, leader of Test Valley Borough Council, is not pleased:

“An influx of 500 young men in a village with an existing population of just 1,000, would have an overwhelmingly detrimental impact. In other similar facilities this has led to an increase in anti-social behaviour and criminality.”

Imagine if 500 is just the first wave of the attack.

Breitbart reports:

North alongside local MP Caroline Nokes launched a petition, requesting that the Home Office reconsider building the camp near the village. So far, over 1,500 people have signed the petition.

It would be nice to think that such petitions are more than futile gestures that are allowed only because they permit the powerless to blow off steam.

One woman who signed the petition said: “I’m afraid that I will feel very nervous allowing my children (12 and 10) to walk around the village alone. This is not the right place for such a camp.”

There is no right place for such a camp. Britain is a sovereign country. It is a fundamental duty of the British government to defend the land from foreign invasion.

So far this year, approximately 8,500 illegal migrants have landed on British shores after making the perilous journey across the English Channel in small rubber boats from France.

The colonists pass through France on their way from the Third World to the more generous welfare state in Britain.

So long as this is allowed by the quislings in charge, the numbers will only keep rising, until Britons have been displaced from Britain.

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    But islam is a pyramid scheme – unless everyone contributes collectively to the family by pitching in, they can’t maintain four wives and multiple children.

    But then, we pay their exiled male children their welfare jizya to enable them to continue to invade us here in exile, and they send the money back home, further draining our societies.

    Our suicidally masochistic, virtue-signaling false altruism (aka instant Submission to our fears, as advertised to us by holier-than-thou Christianity) is what forces us into literally directly funding our enemies to destroy us by our own hands.

    And economically, there is no valid reason for any of this: We don’t really need to import invasive Muslims to replace us – we can always still replace our selves in the most menial jobs, with automatons.

    In the end, the Hypocrats who are currently telling us that we’ll be happiest and safest owning nothing, are the exact same people busy disenfranchising and replacing us with mental inferiors because they know they will feel safest and happiest owning EVERYTHING!

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