‘Coldly Kill [Unbelievers] With Hate And Rage’; ‘Plan Your Perfect Killing Spree’; ‘#MerryChristmas’

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Moslem riots in India


On December 12, 2020, online supporters of the Islamic State (ISIS) distributed an audio clip of a new nasheed (Islamic religious chant) titled “Coldly Kill Them With Hate And Rage.” The song spurs the group’s followers to carry out attacks in the name of ISIS to seek vengeance for Muslims who have been killed in the past, and to join its efforts to fight on behalf of the Islamic religion and to terrorize its enemies. The identity of the performer of the approximately two-and-a-half-minute song was not provided, and it appears to be a personal undertaking, which was not professionally produced by the group’s central media organ. The supporters who released the song on Telegram included a poster featuring a Christmas tree with a bomb attached to it, and the caption: “Just Terror 2020. Here are their holidays at your doorsteps, and we are here too! And we are about to enter them with you!” The post also includes the hashtag #MerryChristmas, suggesting it be used on social media to disseminate the song.

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This behavior, the way of the Muslim, will be repeated.

A Telegram post by ISIS supporters promoting the song “Coldly Kill them with Hate and Rage”

The following is a transcription of the song’s lyrics:[1]

“Coldly Kill Them With Hate And Rage”

“Coldly kill them with hate and rage

“They fought Islam day and night

“Killed many Muslims all in one time

“Vengeance fill the hearts and minds

“Coldly kill them with hate and rage

“Stab them, shoot them or a blast

“Make their media cry and broadcast

“The khilafah [the caliphate, i.e. ISIS]

“Coldly kill them with hate and rage

“Raid them, to destroy their might

“It’s an order, just to remind

“For you’re here after eye insight

“Coldly kill them with hate and rage

“We will keep fighting for our deen [religion]

“Pagans, atheists and murtadeen [polytheists]”

“Earn In Jannah [Paradise] A High Degree With Your Maidens Under A Tree”

“It is our only routine

“Coldly kill them with hate and rage

“The war did not even start

“Make sure you’re doing your part

“Aim your rifle right in their hearts

“Coldly kill them with hate and rage

“Fill their lives with terror and fear

“Pull the trigger and scream takbeer [shout ‘Allah akbar!’]

“Muslims paid back, please make it clear

“Coldly kill them with hate and rage

“Plan your perfect killing spree

“Earn in jannah [paradise] a high degree

“With your maidens under a tree [the black-eyed maidens promised to martyrs according to Islamic tradition]”

“Hijrah And Jihad Are The Key”

“It’s only Allah whom we please

“Coldly kill them with hate and rage

“We’ll come kill you, just wait and see

“Conquests through air, land and sea

“There won’t be anywhere to flee

“Coldly kill them with hate and rage

“We’re victorious it’s a decree

Hijrah [emigration, i.e. traveling to join ISIS in a warzone] and jihad are the key

“Even if they all disagree

“Coldly kill them with hate and rage”

“Greetings To West Africa All The Way To Eastern Asia”

“Greetings to West Africa [i.e. to ISIS branches in Nigeria and the Sahel] all the way to eastern Asia [to ISIS branches in the Philippines, Indonesia, and so on]

“Strike them with your new ghanimah [war booty]

“Coldly kill them with hate and rage

“Glory to the Islamic State, here to stay and will dominate

“Muslims, rejoice and anticipate

“Coldly kill them with hate and rage

“Coldly kill them with hate and rage”



[1] Telegram, December 12, 2020.

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