The swamp strikes back. Donald Trump must veto this bill!

What stimulus?

Why are these countries getting our money?

What is wrong with congress?

$453,000,000 for Ukraine,

$130,265,000 for Nepal,

$700,000,000 for Sudan,

$500,000,000 for Israel,

$600 for American Tax Payers

Billions Going to Foreign Aid in 💵Coronavirus Relief Bill

‘Gender Programs’ in Pakistan, Sri Lankan Ship Refurbishments

Members of the Pakistani transgender community console each other during a rally in Peshawar, Pakistan, Thursday, Feb. 20, 2020. The rally was organized against an alleged harassment and violence by local police against transgender community. (AP Photo/Muhammad Sajjad)

American taxpayers still reeling from coronavirus lockdowns will be shelling out billions to foreign countries if Congress passes a $2.3 trillion spending bill unveiled Monday.

The Swamp Strikes Back: 6,000 Pages, 6 Hours

Members of Congress Bristle over Being Given 6 Hours to Read Massive Trillion-Dollar Spending Bill

Even AOC Objects!

Gives Hundreds of Millions in Aid to Palestinians

What in the f*kc is the “Asia Reassurance Initiavive Act?”

Nolte: If Dr. Birx Doesn’t Worry About Coronavirus, Why Should Anyone Else?

Anti-Lockdown Protesters Force Way into Oregon Capitol, Some Armed

One thought on “The swamp strikes back. Donald Trump must veto this bill!”

  1. There’s a money orgy in DC. Everybody is dancing in the streets. New mantra: Deficits are so 20th century! Is it just me, but is anyone thinking about debt? This year, the deficit will be what , 4 trillion!? It’s breathtaking. From 1 trillion a year to 4 trillion a year all in 1 years time. Should we shoot for 8 trillion deficit in 2012? Why not!

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