“White Supremacy”- how to turn a nothing burger into a thing

One of the most dangerous trends of our times is making the truth socially unacceptable, or even illegal, with “hate speech” laws.-Thomas Sowell

USA Today: Riot Caused by White Male Supremacy

The Capitol Riot was a catastrophe for the Right, associating it with maniacs in the public mind and providing Big Tech and the Democrat Party with a pretext to crackdown on free speech. But it was hard on moonbats too, as USA Today whimpers:

It wasn’t just masculinity, or entitlement, or supremacy. It was all of it that made the Capitol attack possible and often allows us to overlook the quieter attacks on our everyday lives, said Kristen Barber, a sociology professor at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, and editor of the journal Men and Masculinities.

“Watching these images are triggering for people who experience the everyday violence of white male supremacy, whether that’s Black men who are patrolled by white police officers on the street or women who feel threatened by white men in their spaces on a daily basis,” Barber said. “It’s a reminder of the everyday stresses that come with living in a world that’s shaped by white masculinity …”

In contrast, the literally hundreds of Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots that took place over the past year, costing $billions and destroying innumerable lives, were not caused by white male supremacy, which must be why the liberal establishment generously supported them.

Experts say demonstrations of white masculinity have mental health impacts on everyone, but especially women, and can create stress, anxiety and trauma.

Blacks commit rape at a far higher rate than whites. Yet black masculinity is not a problem, because blacks are not required by liberal ideology to be effete Robert Francis O’Rourke types.

Symptoms of having been triggered by white masculinity can be severe. Reports Texas Woman’s University psychology professor Debra Mollen:

“After the riot, one of my former students told me she couldn’t get out of bed. I’ve heard lots of accounts of women I know who have been uncontrollably crying. I’ve read several accounts of people who vomited, they were so upset and distressed by what they were witnessing.”

It is unclear whether any snowflakes were traumatized by the white femininity of Ashli Babbitt, who was shot to death by Capitol Police during the riot.

If all you have is a hammer, every problem is a nail. All some moonbats have is their precious victimhood and their hatred of white men.

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  1. Who owns USA Today? Gannett/Gatehouse Media which owns over 400 newspapers. This is the garbage they put out everyday No wonder they are going broke.

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