Animal Farm: The Deep State Swamp is Now the State

James Comey: ‘Republican Party Needs to Be Burned Down or Changed’

Comey is the rat who got away. Never arrested, never charged, never hanged for treason.

There are so many just like him.


Rand Paul Slams ‘Notorious Liar’ Comey — ‘Should Be in Prison’

The FBI vetting the National Guard for extreme “political sympathies” and removing 12 National Guard members from inauguration duty is a perfect symbol of the “unity” we can expect in the next four years.

All it took to take @realDonaldTrump down was phony witch hunts, years of coordinated lies by the fake news media, years of censorship by big tech, backstabbing swamp rat leakers inside of his administration, a CCP pandemic, endless ANTIFA riots, and “mail in ballots.”

Michelle Malkin, RSBN, Gateway Pundit Censored by Twitter on Inauguration Eve