Erections have consequences

Schumer Says Trump ‘Incited the Erection’

America has an illegitimate president who stole the election and nothing was done about it. Now they want people to wear three masks? Land of the free? No. Sick joke!

President Trump: “If you elect Joe Biden, he’s going kill the energy sector and jobs”!

Biden campaign : “That’s a lie”!

Media: “We have fact checked and confirmed that’s a lie”!

January 27th: “The Biden Administration is on track to destroy the entire energy sector!”

Biden told us he wanted to end fracking. And then he tried to tell us he didn’t want to end fracking. Guess what? He’s working to end fracking.

Funny how the “it’s all about the science” argument doesn’t apply to transgender men competing in women’s sports…

Biden draws ire for throwing up hands on virus: ‘He never had a plan’

John Kerry: Coal miners, oil drillers can make solar panels – 

Is Lurch trying to make people laugh? John Kerry has never had an honest days work in all his life…..he did marry well though….

Biden has now blocked new oil and gas leases on 700 MILLION ACRES of land!