Free Speech Under Attack All Over the World

Sky News host Peta Credlin says right across the world too many people are either tearing down modern civilisation – and the “values that made humanity better” – or sitting idly by while others do it. “People frightened to speak their mind, cancelled if they do, piled-on with abuse, from self-righteous twitter mob, the elites, and the haters,” according to Ms Credlin. “Is this really what generations before us, sacrificed so much to build? A nation at war with itself? Sadly, it’s not an Australian affliction alone. “It’s a madness right across the world. “It’s as though, once proud to go forth with values that made humanity better – equality, freedom of conscience, of speech, the rule of law and democracy – we now so hate the civilisations these values have spawned, that we’re either tearing them down, or sitting passively by, letting others do it.”

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One thought on “Free Speech Under Attack All Over the World”

  1. I wonder if this “madness” (thought-killing mass-psychosis) has anything to do with Big Pharma’s push to sell literally thought-killing “anti” psychotic, psychosis-inducing drugs such as Prozac and Xanax to, well, everyone?! Thinking itself is based on triage: on prioritizing fears of potential pain-causing damages in an effort to head them off. But eventually, focusing on remembered generalizations of past specific pains (aka “fear”) can seem like a form of pain itself … to hypocritical idiots and hypochondriacs. Especially to those in high-stress (due to high hypocrisy) professions, such as those which employ “our” expert authority gang leaders, who feel they have to numb their own feelings of guilty fear of reprisals and conscience, to “better, more successfully thrive” in their go-along (with criminal lies) to get along (with all the other lying criminal hypocrites) criminally hypocritical vocations! Because the ONLY real result one can expect from anti-fear, anti-depression (i.e: anti-fear, again) anti-psychotic (anti-anti-thinking about fear, again) drugs, IS that they will induce those very same worst-case scenario thought-killing “psychoses” they pretend to be able to prevent!

    Just think about politicians and judges having no fear of consequences – they already enjoy the pinnacle positions in The Hypocracy, where they alone have rights to destroy others’ lives with no responsibilities to defend them, while their victims have no rights to defend them selves from the authorities, but only the responsibility to become and remain their slaves – which is already enough power to absolutely allow them to “corrupt” them selves, by bribing them selves to always take the personally subjective easy way out at the direct expense of the objective truth and the painful thinking having to actually listen to objective truth facts logic and evidence would inflict on them – now imagine that syndrome bolstered by drugs which actievly enhance it be literally preventing them from thinking about the peons at all, ever! That’s what Big Pharma is literally “lobbying” (bribing) them with, so of course it’s been made perfectly legal for “out leaders” to be on drugs which mot only impair but actively prevent them from “having to” think about anyone else, ever!

    Add these drugs, prescribed by mere physicians, not even psychiatrists, to the general populace, and you’ll begin to understand such comments as those found under this Tweet:

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