Racist Whiteness

The media is more concerned with Ted Cruz’s trip to Cancun than Hunter Biden’s billion-dollar trips to China.

Media: Everything Trump says is mean and racist

Also media: Let’s not hold Biden accountable for what he says.

Biden and Democrats are obsessed with so-called “white supremacy” and racism.

What’s new? They still think we are living in the 1950’s.

Macron and govt ministers have been fighting against illiberal philosophies emanating from American universities & Leftist media…particularly the divisive obsession with race.

Beetroot is the male version of AOC:


One thought on “Racist Whiteness”

  1. SO, WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON HERE? Criminal hypocrites, aka psychopaths, leftists, collectivists, communists, etc want what everyone else has, and they don’t want to have to work to earn it; so they demand this “equality of outcome” for them selves, but then they also simply have to sell it to others in order to form extortive “totalitarian” crime-gangs to ‘totally’ control and enslave everyone else, by claiming to want that very same equality of outcome to be available for everyone else as equally-helpless fellow victims, too. And the way they pretend to justify that, is by asserting that their original right to an equality of opportunity was denied to them by evil straight White alpha males, because superficially they are obviously more evolved for competitive survival than beta-male and beta-female gays, non-Whites, and women. And that’s all there ever really is to any and all of their “progressive woke social justice engineering” extortion and slavery scams.

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