The Goalposts Have Moved Again

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is coming – it’s what the @wef wants.

Vaccine certificates will be a disaster for humanity. STOP IT!

Dr. Doom issues his latest decree for the masked peasantry:

Fraudci: ‘Could Be Close’ to Normal by the End of the Year


Fauci: Those Vaccinated Must Continue to Wear Masks to Protect Others

Does anyone still listen to this fraud?

How many people has Fauci sent to heaven for his stance against Hydroxychloroquine. He and Cuomo are no different than Josef Mengele when it comes to playing ideological politics with peoples lives.

Ilhan Omar wants to know why Syrian airstrikes were authorized without Congressional approval

The American Rescue Plan is being sold to the public as COVID-19 aid, yet only 9% of the funds are directed towards providing stimulus relief. American taxpayers deserve better than radical and fake relief bills.

Andrew Cuomo hid nursing home deaths, and the media helped him do it 


The Left says Dr. Seuss is racist. They say Little House on the Prairie is racist. They say To Kill a Mockingbird is racist. All being banned by public schools. How long before the Left bans the Bible?

Asylum seekers Welfare Seekers  stream across Gateway International Bridge from Mexico after Biden relaxed rules 

Call them at least economic migrants. They are not asylum seekers, unless they are all Venezuelans, which they are not.

Computer repairman at center of ‘Biden laptop’ scandal takes new legal action against Twitter 

Kristi Noem rips virus lockdowns in CPAC speech: ‘COVID didn’t crush economy. Government did’

@SadiqKhan has called for postal voting in the London Mayor elections. The vote-counting software is provided by Smartmatic who is at the centre of voting irregularities in the Presidential Election.
The Goalposts have been moved. Again
“I can’t help noticing that the goalposts have moved again. In fact, the pitch has been abandoned altogether, and a different game has kicked off somewhere else.”– Daniel Hannan