The Queen Joins the Vaxxinistas

Queen’s brutal swipe at antivaxxers

Queen’s brutal swipe at antivaxxers


The idiot prince of Wales pushes the “Great Reset”

Dems Don’t Trust Creepy Joe With Nukes

Who does? Dementia and nuclear codes don’t mix.

What a relief; Congressional Democrats are at least more sensible than the voters who elected Biden. They know that someone that irresponsible not to mention non compos mentis cannot be trusted with the capacity to launch a nuclear strike. Given Biden’s nasty disposition, he might set off a nuclear war in a disoriented fit of pique.

Politico reports

Lies, damn lies and coronavirus

Our authorities are undermining public confidence


This is the law under which the ABC operates: “The functions of the Corporation are…. to provide…  services of a high standard…  to provide… broadcasting programs that contribute to a sense of national identity…” This is ABC TV’s new contribution: “D*ck or P*ssy of Colour.” Your taxes.


First Facebook censored conservatives.  Then it censored news unhelpful to Democrat Joe Biden. Then it censored Donald Trump. Then it censored an Australian politician who quoted scientific studies.. Then it censored Australia. Now it wants to police thought on global warming. And it’s started by pushing alarmist claims. Facebook is a menace.

George Soros’ Rogue District Attorneys

Why blue cities are soaring with violent crime

A few episodes ago, we began to uncover a plot driven by George Soros (and others like him) to completely reshape law and order in America. On this episode, we continue to expose the left’s coordinated effort to dismantle traditional, independent-minded prosecutors who put the rule of law above politics and party. They are then replaced by rogues who usurp the constitutional role of the legislative branch by refusing to prosecute entire categories of crime. The question is: why would billionaires want to change up the system that they have benefitted so much from?

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  1. Please … Start In Australia !!
    And Spread To All Western Nations !!

    • Removal Of islam And Its islams (they kill anybody/everybody)!
    • Removal Of Criminal African Tribal Diversifiers (they kill white people)
    That’s Why They Were Imported !
    • Removal Of The Suicidal Aiders And Abetters Of islam, islams and Diversifiers !

    Give Western Nations What Is Required For Survival!
    Give Australians What Is Required … A White Australia !!!
    Which Was Once The Cherished Reality Of Australians.
    (w/o Her)

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