Bomb Back Better

Joe’s handlers are very aware that he is failing…….mentally and physically every day.

The 25th Amendment will come into play in next few weeks or months.

Kamala Harris was not informed prior to the Syrian bombing and is very upset about being left out of the loop, per WH official

Bomb Back Better

Given the ostentatious worship of black and brown people by the Biden’s Handlers Administration, why are we still bombing them in the Middle East? Because the nauseating PC posturing is a complete load of crap, as Paul Joseph Watson can’t help noticing:

Biden Diversity Strikes Syria

Bomb back better (with inclusivity and compassion).


In other news:

220,000 Brits Sign Petition Against Vaccine Passports, Forcing Debate in Parliament

Harvard study claims slavery reparations would have reduced COVID-19 infections and deaths

A group of Harvard Medical School researchers are suggesting that one solution for the coronavirus may not actually be based on science, but on social justice.

Dumbing down is worse than the corona virus. This level of stupid is hard on the brain.

House passes $1.9T pandemic bill on near party-line vote



One thought on “Bomb Back Better”

  1. They should fill the bombs with little potato heads in the spirit of unity.
    Comrade kommissarina Kamal will be the preezy of the steezy, easy peasy.
    They couldn’t even wait for the midterms.
    Hussein is loving the burn it all down plan from the resistance bunker basement.

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